Managed Power

Lifetime Warranty
Managed Power ships with a lifetime warranty...backed by our advanced replacement program. If you have an issue with your device, we ship you a new one before you send your damaged device back.

Auto Replacement
The lifetime warranty includes an auto replacement of a Managed Power device if and when the surge protection becomes depleted. Yes, we said it. Auto replacement. Once the surge protection is depleted, an alert will trigger an automatic RMA on the device. Lifetime warranty for Managed Power means surge protection is always available.

Auto Reboot
We built the Ping Test Power Cycle, a list of customizable IP addresses or sites for the Managed Power device to ping on a regular basis. Every five minutes, the Managed Power device pings up to 5 different IP addresses. If all pings fail, for each power port that has Ping Text Power Cycle turned on, the reboot process for that power port automatically initiates. That’s zero-touch power cycling,

Integrated WiFi
You read that right. WiFi in your Managed Power device. The MP60, Datto’s 6 power port Managed Power device includes integrated WiFi to streamline deployment. As soon as you plug in the MP60, it automatically makes a mesh connection with any other Datto Networking WiFi access points on the network. So if the integrated ethernet connection isn’t available, you’ve still got WiFi.